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Hualian will follow the principle of mutual benefit, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises and the public into the Hualian, Hualian Shielding Ring understand

Taizhou Hualian Powder Metallurgy Products Co.,LtdIt is an industry that specialized in developing,production and selling powder metallurgy products.Company covers an area of 28000 meters, including 30 technician, 9 engineers.

Service and support

Hualian has advanced processing equipment and fine distinctions of testing equipment, for product quality escort

Companies adhere to the high-quality products, improve its services, pragmatic prices to meet customer needs, and constantly track the advanced technology at home and abroad to strengthen product development work, the existing all kinds of advanced professional production equipment, improve the detection equipment and experienced Of the technical staff and management personnel for the stability of product quality and improve the provision of a solid guarantee.

Quality goal
1. Product a test pass rate of more than 98%;
2. 100% customer satisfaction;
3. Products manufactured passing rate of 100%。


18-08 11

The heat treatment technology of powder metallurgy material

Heat treatment process of powder metallurgy materials Do you know the heat treatment process of powder metallurgy materials?Today, powder metallurgy materials are more and more widely used, and they have obvious advantages in replacing cast iron materials with low density, low hardness and strength.

14-05 07

PPAP production parts approval process and 8D…

From May 10 to 12, 2014, we participate…

17-06 08

Warmly welcome Japanese Honda to visit ...

Warmly welcome the Japanese Honda Kumamoto Institute visited ...

People-oriented, technological innovation, continuous improvement, a world famous

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