Aluminum welding process which ...

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Aluminum due to its light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, good formability and low-temperature performance characteristics are widely used in a variety of products in welded structures, steel materials, if the use of aluminum instead of welding, structural weight reduce by more than 50%.

Aluminum welding current several major difficulties:

① alloy welded joints soften serious, strength, low coefficient, which is the biggest obstacle to hinder the application of aluminum;

② aluminum oxide film on the surface is easy to produce relatively refractory (Al2O3 melting point of 2060 ℃), which requires the use of high-power welding process;

③ prone to porosity aluminum welding;

④ easy to produce aluminum hot cracking during welding;

⑤ linear expansion coefficient, easy to produce welding deformation;

⑥ large thermal conductivity of aluminum (about 4 times stronger than steel), at the same welding speed, heat input welding steel than 2 ~ 4 times.

Thus, aluminum welding requires a high energy density, small heat input welding, high welding speed and efficient welding methods.
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